Marc Faust

Founder & Chairman

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About Marc

Marc Faust is originally from Parkland, Florida and made Aliyah in 2017 to Jerusalem, Israel. 

Currently, Marc serves as Advisor to the Chairman and an Analyst at Catalyst Group International. The Catalyst Group manages a group of companies that applies its diplomatic reach and business intelligence to strategic projects on five continents. It is a top management consulting firm specializing in government relations, business development, marketing, and public relations. 

Previously, Marc served as an Advisor to the Guatemalan Ambassador to Israel, Mario Bucaro. Guatemala was the second country to move its embassy to Jerusalem, following the lead of the United States. Subsequently, Amb. Bucaro served as the Guatemalan Ambassador to Mexico and was recently appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala.

Prior to this appointment, Marc worked as a Marketing Coordinator at the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem, a platform for fighting BDS and anti-Semitism internationally.


Preceding his Aliyah, he worked in Legislative Affairs at the Florida House of Representatives, the Broward County Government, and other strategic campaigns in the State of Florida.

He holds a BA in International Affairs and Political Science from Florida State University.