Nachum Freedman

Partnerships Chair

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About Nachum

Nachum Freedman is from North London, England and made Aliyah in 2015 to Jerusalem, Israel. 

Currently, Nachum is the CEO of JLM Hub, Israel's only student accelerator, teaching coding, programming, and other educational programs in Jerusalem. JLM Hub uses a co-create method to teach people how to manage their Hi-tech careers and build their startup concept so that they can enter the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. 

Nachum Freedman is a self-taught entrepreneur in innovative educational programming, studying at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Developers Institute, and the Tel Aviv Javascript Code School. While working at Hi-Tech powerhouses in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Nachum has developed as well as worked on many expert-level software development courses around the country. 

Prior to working to develop Israel's Hi-Tech sector, Nachum was a Senior Sales Consultant and Manager with the substantial British insurance advisory, the Health Insurance Group in London, England. His work at the company consisted of managing executive insurance policies for major company leaders.